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Welcome to my blog! My name is Robert Brandt, I am a 4th Sport Management major at Brock University who is looking to get into the player representation side of sport. I am your typical sports junkie, read countless articles online or in print about various news and transactions in every sport. To go along with that you can include fantasy pools for each of the big four (hockey, baseball, football and basketball). Besides sports, I am a HUGEEE animal lover owning 1 cat and 1 dog who I love equally hahaha!. Born and raised in Toronto which by default makes me a Leaf but do not hold that against me!

I decided to take Pop Culture 2F00  because I do not know much about the media industry and with sports and business being linked to social media and other sources of media I though it would be very beneficial to take this course. Learning how media industry has evolved over the many years and how it has changed the world literally as not very many people can say they do not own a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.  I typically use my various handles of social media daily between switching between Facebook for personal news etc an Twitter for sports and other related news. Television by default is also a big part of my life as watching sports in todays technology world is almost as good as paying for a $150 ticket and being at the game. However, getting into my later years in University where multiple jobs and extra homework has accumulated watching sports has become less of major role in my life.

Sports and the media have always been linked since the first broadcasted sporting event to the world famous Super Bowl, Sports and Media will always be linked. However, with avenues such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram fans can interact more than ever with their favourite athletes and discover a side to them they would otherwise not be able to without these social media handles. Twitter also allows leading sport reporters and columnists report breaking news quicker to fans than other channels such as going through the league website which could takes hours to process.

I believe Media has been a tremendous gift to society especially in the last decade. With so many people being employed by various Media outlets from Sports, Politics, Health to Education the effect of the down economy is being felt less and less. Five years ago being able to connect with an athlete thousands of kilometers away would be considered unheard of, but today it has become a daily routine, with some athletes like Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots having contests with his Twitter followers to help raise funds for various charities. Proving that not only are fans and athletes winning, those who are in desperate need as well are getting the much needed attention they deserve.

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Robert Brandt

Go Patriots & Red Sox!

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