In todays technology world almost every piece of electronic equipment can be monitored and a pinpoint location can be determined. Companies today are installing thousands of dollars in security surveillance to monitor each employees work station. This has become even more popular in todays world as many employers do not trust their employees during their time at work. I personally have two part time jobs and both employers have very strict policies about doing other work on company time or engaging in criminal activity. One company has a fraud watch installed meaning if specific key strokes are enter together or frequently it sends a document to Head Office Loss Prevention where the other every key stroke it monitored by IT.

Even Social Media sites are integrated surveillance in ways you might not think of as surveillance.   By entering your hometown, phone number or other personal information these sites can track you through this information. That seems a to be going too far for a simple media site that allows you and your family/friends to connect from around the world.  Privacy seems to be the most significant aspect that is altered by this type of ” surveillance” Does this mean every time you sign into your favorite social media site your privacy is gone? Facebook has become notorious for allowing your personal information to be sent all over the site from a simple post that now incorporates your pinpoint location or where you are writing from to allow other users to have an up to date location on you. For some that is brilliant! For others that is simply too much of their personal being leaked to the public.  ” Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance ” talks about how any bit of information posted significant or not can not be accessed by anyone who has use of a computer, smartphone or tablet that is connect to the internet.  Saying “happy birthday” to a friend or ” I love you” to a family member  can be seen by an individual in Kuala Lampur or in Russia.

In todays world of technology surveillance has become so important and so intertwined in our society people do not even realize it. With every country depending on technology and the rapid advancements of it, how much longer until the term privacy will become obsolete ? How much longer until every laptop webcam can be remotely accessed making every computer accessible to every individual? Society feeds off scandals and intrusion of celebrities, but with extraordinary advances in surveillance, how long until its every day citizens who are being stalked and harassed ?