Before starting this assignment, I thought to myself, how has the Information Age changed the world? In both Positive and Negative ways. The first thing that jumped out was the Internet. Where would we be without it today!? Safe to say this course would not be held along with many others at Brock University. The ability to connect to people around the world with a simple click and key stroke doesn’t seem too significant, but if you look back to communication and business become the internet you will be surprised at the impact.

With the Internet come other positive outcomes of the Information Age. Social Media would not be present without the Internet. How many people daily use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Probably hundreds of millions with all of them being able to connect and interact with one another with a simple click of the mouse. This notion and idea can be further explained with the creation of the iPhone. A smartphone that acts as a mini hand held computer allows individuals to integrate their whole life into one device. Emails, texts, phone calls along with tweets, facebook messages or instragram posts all in one, so the days of waiting hours for people to respond have been eliminated in a blink of the eye.

With the many positive impacts the Information Age has had, its hard to think of it in a negative way. However, one impact I could not ignore is Outsourcing. With the increase in productivity and decease in cost why would you not outsource? Businesses today are always trying to make more than the last month and with the economy the way it is, outsource has become the main go to for businesses. But how are people going to purchase these products if they do not have a job!? I am all for making the big bucks, but when it starts to create a burden in terms of job loss and increase of government funding, only the rich are profiting while the majority of the world suffers.



For all the good that has come from the Information Age, there has been just as much bad with only more to come.