Being an avid sports fan, I am constantly on Twitter,, or checking for breaking news. A normal day in terms of online consumption entails checking my go to websites for the latest sporting news. Being a Sport Management major I feel being aware of everything that is going on in the sports world is key to become the best sport manager possible. That means constantly checking for breaking news and seeing what the analysts have to say about the news. Through Twitter I try to engage those who I follow and my followers to spark the conversation on whatever is in the news that day. However, I am relatively new to Twitter and still have not developed a strong following so mostly my engagement comes from commenting on blogs of other writers or fans and taking it from there. I recently joined a group on Facebook that is for football fans who like making Mock Drafts for this upcoming NFL Draft. This is a great way to show the group where you think teams will go in terms of position needs and talent evaluation. Between me and the eight other members, it can get heated at times when different members disagree on a player or evaluation. I find this to be a very stimulating experience as everyone has their own views and when they are scrambled together it can create a very informative conversation. When reading other members posts it and analyzing their picks it encourages me to research more on players I might not know as well or think twice about someone I might have been high on but others are not. Not much inhibits my production of online content, however, being a full time student with two jobs it can be hard to have the extra time available to explore that online content you enjoy.

In todays copyright laws it can be hard to maneuver around without a restrictive notice on copyrighted material. However, several social media sites that seem very similar are able to operate in the new copyright laws because of their ability to alter their design and operation platforms so it can slip through the loophole in the copyright law. Social media sites from Twitter to Facebook to Myspace are all very similar but offer different interactions and applications that make them different and allowed to be used. Since Twitter and Facebook were both introduced, both sites have become the leading social media sites especially Twitter as athletes, movie stars, TV personalities etc use it to connect with their fans around the globe. The ability to connect with someone around the world and hear their thoughts and opinions on a subject is great, but the widespread use of these site has led  to inappropriate use and comments that have gone unnoticed due to the harsh reality that  the internet and social media world is so large, it can be very hard for each host site to monitor its million users for content that is not appropriate. With the connection to fans and followers worldwide the simple post or tweet that might seem inappropriate to some will be seen around the globe within seconds leaving that poster to maybe second guess posting on such a public forum.