Upon signing up for GetGlue I checked in six times to various TV shows, Movies or Sports. Most of the stuff I Checked in was shows or movies I had already seen and was looking to see what others felt about some of my favorite programs. This being the first time I have ever heard of GetGlue I found it a little hard to use at first, like most sites you just have to play around for a bit and learn how the sit works and operates.

I found GetGlue to be very informative about shows that are trending and some that people might not know much about. Blue Mountain State was a show I watched back in high school and was unaware it was on Neflicks until I checked in to the BMS page and show a follow follower of the show had commented saying that it is available to stream. I found this very helpful as I usually just stream online or actually buy the movie or show I am wanting to watch so I can now watch whenever I choose. GetGlue also allows you to chat with people who like the same shows and allows for interaction between members, just like Facebook or Twitter.

I feel the Check In aspect of GetGlue is very crucial to their success as having more people connecting and chatting about the shows can help spread the word about GetGlue in order to increase member and usage. This is important because as far as I am concerned , not many people are aware of GetGlue and having free word of mouth marketing might be a great advantage for GetGlue versus their competitors.

GetGlue builds an online community based around Popular Culture by using aspects of popular culture that everyone can relate too. TV, Movies and Sports are watched by millions around the world daily and by tapping into this usage, GetGlue can form a website based off this extreme need and usage of popular culture aspects.

GetGlue offers its members reward stickers when they meet certain reward levels. Checking In for the first time gets you your first sticker. After this you have a certain level of check ins before attaining the next sticker. By offering a reward system, it helps drive up competition between users to see who has the most stickers, while at the same time encouraging and increasing member use. I agree that whiling being on GetGlue it engages you more with the community of the show, movie or sport you are checking into.

In this article, GetGlue an Viggle were both set to merge and become one big online popular culture media site. I found it to be rather odd as did the writer that such a new and unheard of company was going to purchase a larger and known company for a rather large price. The amount of users from each site was very different creating a confusion on why this merger was even happening? Both are similar companies that offer online communities rewards and other engagement solely based off TV shows, Movies and Sports. After reading more you discover Viggle’s financial situation is not so solid and might have been the reason for the attempted merger. Financing through debt may seem smart at the beginning, but as Viggle learned, it can be the ultimately end game for some companies.

GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold has a new adventure to embark on, Techstars NYC. Just like his own start-up company, GetGlue Techstars was looking for fresh face for its emerging business. Iskold has being an up-and-coming tycoon in the second-screen industry helping start up and advise many companies in this market. His main goal of helping those strive to entrepreneurial success is what I find most interesting about him. As he helps those around him get their feet wet in an industry he essentially created is great to see, as in other industries, the leading creator does not want his competition to get stronger for the fear of over taking him. This is where Iskold has separated himself by stepping down as CEO of GetGlue, it eliminates his conflict of interest with GetGlue but allows him to stay on (Board Member) to help aid GetGlue in times of need just like all the other start-up sites in the second-screen industry. I found this to be very humbling that a marketing leading executive can step down from a very lucrative position to help those start-ups weed through the market and skip over potential issues that he himself had with his own company. It is too bad that there are not more Alex Iskold types in business today, as 95% of the world’s money might not be control by the low 5% of the population allowing more a more diverse and positive world and work force.