After trying out and I still find it hard to not just simply download the song I want and listen to it. Yes both websites offer a similar version but do I really want to sign up for a website just to listen to music when I can get the same song in 5 clicks or less? That is what is wrong with our society today, everyone wants it quicker, easier and faster without thinking about who is getting the short end of the stick. Although these sites are great avenues to help prevent piracy, the fact is without taking this course I would have never even known they existed. The accessibility to the sites is great, but the exposure is what is lacking and may be the sticking point for the sites feasibility.  These sites should partner up with artists and use social media as an avenue to create exposure. Fans browsing their favorite bands social media sites will see this partnership and can potentially become the next user just because of their bands loyalty and partnership with these sites.

            The ability to stream a song from anywhere in the city definitely increases the artists exposure, but want about their income? Social Media allows artists to connect with their fans and share important information like tour dates, locations etc. Some even offer their music wants fans follow them. More followers on a hastag for an event might allow the host to generate more revenue and in turn put more money in the artists pockets. Social media has added an element to the music industry they were lacking, the only issue is whether or not this will be sustainable in terms of continuous support and successful events as we know, technology is rapidly changing, the music industry needs to account for this and change their way of doing business or else they wont have much business left to conduct.