Social Media has changed the way people can interact with complete strangers who may only have on specific thing in common that brought them together. Social media for me has allowed me to connect to my favorite athletes as well as discuss and argue sports news/topics will fellow sports enthusiasts. The simplicity of social media has allowed it to develop so many new platforms for people to let their opinions be heard when they otherwise would never speak up. Although there are some cases of harassment and threats made over social media, the benefits from the easy access (simple wifi connection or internet connection) allows people to freely communicate with people around the world who share a common interest. People in the sports industry have created careers based off a simple social media blog that became very popular and allowed for this individual to gain exposure which in turn got them their new career. For a sports fan, getting Twitter was probably the biggest game-changer in terms of knowledge and information since the ticker on the bottom of the TV screen on sports channels. Every ten seconds depending on the people you follow a new bit of information is sent out to the world readily available to almost anyone. For sports fans, during free agency or trade deadlines this may be your one stop shop to find out all the breaking news. Sports analysts give you all the same information as they would on TV without the annoying commercials they need to run to stay in the green. Social Media has changed my life.


For me, these new opportunities are something a sports fan like myself always wanted. To be able to connect to your favorite player and communicate with them on a 1 to 1 basis (even if its through 140 characters or less) and get to understand who they are as person via pictures and their posts it creates a sense of connection that all sports fans have. Having so many different avenues to connect and communicate with other sports fan I definitely take advantage of this emergence. I find Twitter is best social media platform for people to voice their opinions and feelings as it readily available to anyone and people can add or delete people as they chose. Plus with the simple use of a # you can connect with people all over the world who share the same interest. I do voice my opinion on sports issues like performance enhancing drugs, fighting in hockey, pros/cons of the Olympics as being a sports fan since I can remember, I always have an opinion on sports. Just because I do not voice my opinion on other social issues in our society today does not mean I do not have an opinion. I just feel some opinions are better worth voicing as we live in a different society today and something you see as appropriate or okay might be the complete opposite for someone on the other side of the world.