For my Storify I chose to detail the story of professional athletes and how the vast majority of them make too much money and do not know how to manage their money. Some donate thousands even millions to charities that benefit more from that money then the athlete will ever. What is another million to Tiger Woods or LeBron James? There are those athletes who feel the need to buy luxurious toys that 95% of the world cannot afford and then come begging years after retirement because they spent all their money and lost it in bad business deals. As I have grown up in the commercialization of sport I have seen my fair share of players who become “busts” and are being paid more than any brain surgeon in the world. Athletes make too much money plain and simple, with more and more receiving $100 million dollar contracts it seems like this never ending cycle of athlete bankruptcy may end unless this new generation of athletes can find ways to burn through $100 million before the age of 50.