Since taking COMM 2F00 my use of social media has increased largely because this course showed me how media can connect people who otherwise wouldn’t without media. As an avid sports fan I used twitter a lot to follow my favorite athletes and get the inside scoop on whats going on in the sports industry. That being said, I do not believe this course has made me more of a produser than the high level consumer I currently am. I have multiple applications that allow me to connect and interact with sports fans around the globe, however I mostly sit back from a distance and analysis what others are saying and not give my two cents.  I figure this is mostly because of my laid back approach to life and not wanting others to criticize my opinions.  I feel like my opinions are taken lightly as being from Canada many believe all we know is maple syrup and Hockey. As an inspiring Sport Manager I feel Canada does not get the respect it deserves in the Sports Industry. Many times I have seen on social media people attacking others because of their background and what they believe in.  If there is one drawback from the explosion of social media it is that people can hide behind a computer or smartphone and say what they want without any repercussions.  I am totally for the free speech aspect of society, however when the use of social media and other forms of media are used to bring people down or hurt them it becomes only something to hide behind. 


Media has allowed people to connect in ways nobody thought possible. But when people take advantage of that is becomes another way to bully people. Some people like to post thousands of pictures of themselves having a photo shoot at home, playing with friends, etc but others just like to find these people and make fun of them.  This aspect of social media has hindering the growth of people who are shy and do not like to have their thoughts or opinions shot down, I feel this contributes to some people being consumers and some being produsers.


My first experience with mass social media attention was when the Miami Dolphins of the NFL had their bullying scandal. It was front page news in every sports paper and yet from the beginning the media picked one angle and ran with it. No need to dig deeper, they had the story and angle that would make them number one.  Nobody considered all the noise and chaos surrounding the team and it was evident in the teams play.  From the day the story broke, every sports analyst had their opinion, some posted very rude and unprofessional comments which were removed seconds are posting.  This shows that even though people can post freely, if they have a boss or supervisor, their comments cannot be rude or bring people down, as it reflects on the organization as a whole.  Social Media is the best example of how connected the world has become and yet it has made what we post and what we post about even more important as one simple click of the button can change a life forever.  Limitations are what hold you back, or for others what keeps them in place and allows them to flourish, for me it’s a combo of both!