Being an avid sports fan, I am constantly on Twitter,, or checking for breaking news. A normal day in terms of online consumption entails checking my go to websites for the latest sporting news. Being a Sport Management major I feel being aware of everything that is going on in the sports world is key to become the best sport manager possible. That means constantly checking for breaking news and seeing what the analysts have to say about the news. Through Twitter I try to engage those who I follow and my followers to spark the conversation on whatever is in the news that day. However, I am relatively new to Twitter and still have not developed a strong following so mostly my engagement comes from commenting on blogs of other writers or fans and taking it from there. I recently joined a group on Facebook that is for football fans who like making Mock Drafts for this upcoming NFL Draft. This is a great way to show the group where you think teams will go in terms of position needs and talent evaluation. Between me and the eight other members, it can get heated at times when different members disagree on a player or evaluation. I find this to be a very stimulating experience as everyone has their own views and when they are scrambled together it can create a very informative conversation. When reading other members posts it and analyzing their picks it encourages me to research more on players I might not know as well or think twice about someone I might have been high on but others are not. Not much inhibits my production of online content, however, being a full time student with two jobs it can be hard to have the extra time available to explore that online content you enjoy.

In todays copyright laws it can be hard to maneuver around without a restrictive notice on copyrighted material. However, several social media sites that seem very similar are able to operate in the new copyright laws because of their ability to alter their design and operation platforms so it can slip through the loophole in the copyright law. Social media sites from Twitter to Facebook to Myspace are all very similar but offer different interactions and applications that make them different and allowed to be used. Since Twitter and Facebook were both introduced, both sites have become the leading social media sites especially Twitter as athletes, movie stars, TV personalities etc use it to connect with their fans around the globe. The ability to connect with someone around the world and hear their thoughts and opinions on a subject is great, but the widespread use of these site has led  to inappropriate use and comments that have gone unnoticed due to the harsh reality that  the internet and social media world is so large, it can be very hard for each host site to monitor its million users for content that is not appropriate. With the connection to fans and followers worldwide the simple post or tweet that might seem inappropriate to some will be seen around the globe within seconds leaving that poster to maybe second guess posting on such a public forum.


To say we currently live in the information age or post-industrial society means that the majority of the worlds population relies heavily on technology and digital communication. How many corporations use video conferences to reduce overhead costs for travelling employees who can now communication as if they were in the same room without the cost. Even this course is a direct result from digital communication. Only communication is through technology such as the internet that allows students and professors to communicate without being in the same city. Even celebrities have fallen victim to this communication as their whereabouts can be posted to a public forum were anyone can see it or even worse pictures they would rather not make the press. Social Media is another direct result of digital communication that has become such a phenomenon Facebook reached 1.25 Billion users in 2013 (1). We the fact they almost every person owns a smartphone that has cameras and voice recorders and video conferencing shows the need for digital communication is only going to increase. 

The history of technology can be defined by Castells in this simple quote, “Digital communication networks are the backbone of the network society, as power networks ( energy networks) were the infrastructure on which the industrial society was built, as it was demonstrated by historian Thomas Hughes ”  ( Castells, 2003 p.3 ). Castells is describing how digital communication is so important to the world network of communication as without it communicating around the world would never be the same. Try sending that picture of you and your new puppy to grandma in New Zeland.. would not be the same without digital communication. The way the business world works today, without digital communication many people would not have the job they do today. Networking sites like LinkedIn allow individuals to show case their skills and present/previous working experience to numerous companies. This digital communication is a great avenue to help the struggling economy find jobs that have become very hard to obtain or even find. 


Information Communication Technologies (ICT) have been used by many controlling entities such as the government for military purposes and even the Nazi’s during Hilters control. The main use was to maintain control and surveillance of individuals.  The ability to track an individual through multiple avenues is what the parts of the government is there for, but does this touch on the previous post about being watched everywhere you go these days with the new technology ? I certainly feel privacy in todays world will never be the same as it was five or ten years ago and much of that is to be contributed to ICT’s. The feeling that your internet activity is being watched 24-7 is a little far-fetched but I would not be surprised to learn the government has kept tabs on certain individuals who they felt “needed” to be watched.

However, ICT’s have benefitted the world in a great way. The communication of information today has risen to an all-time high. The ability to relay information to mass audiences through simple avenues such as social media allows the world to communicate and connect in ways many thought not possible. 







Before starting this assignment, I thought to myself, how has the Information Age changed the world? In both Positive and Negative ways. The first thing that jumped out was the Internet. Where would we be without it today!? Safe to say this course would not be held along with many others at Brock University. The ability to connect to people around the world with a simple click and key stroke doesn’t seem too significant, but if you look back to communication and business become the internet you will be surprised at the impact.

With the Internet come other positive outcomes of the Information Age. Social Media would not be present without the Internet. How many people daily use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Probably hundreds of millions with all of them being able to connect and interact with one another with a simple click of the mouse. This notion and idea can be further explained with the creation of the iPhone. A smartphone that acts as a mini hand held computer allows individuals to integrate their whole life into one device. Emails, texts, phone calls along with tweets, facebook messages or instragram posts all in one, so the days of waiting hours for people to respond have been eliminated in a blink of the eye.

With the many positive impacts the Information Age has had, its hard to think of it in a negative way. However, one impact I could not ignore is Outsourcing. With the increase in productivity and decease in cost why would you not outsource? Businesses today are always trying to make more than the last month and with the economy the way it is, outsource has become the main go to for businesses. But how are people going to purchase these products if they do not have a job!? I am all for making the big bucks, but when it starts to create a burden in terms of job loss and increase of government funding, only the rich are profiting while the majority of the world suffers.



For all the good that has come from the Information Age, there has been just as much bad with only more to come.

In todays technology world almost every piece of electronic equipment can be monitored and a pinpoint location can be determined. Companies today are installing thousands of dollars in security surveillance to monitor each employees work station. This has become even more popular in todays world as many employers do not trust their employees during their time at work. I personally have two part time jobs and both employers have very strict policies about doing other work on company time or engaging in criminal activity. One company has a fraud watch installed meaning if specific key strokes are enter together or frequently it sends a document to Head Office Loss Prevention where the other every key stroke it monitored by IT.

Even Social Media sites are integrated surveillance in ways you might not think of as surveillance.   By entering your hometown, phone number or other personal information these sites can track you through this information. That seems a to be going too far for a simple media site that allows you and your family/friends to connect from around the world.  Privacy seems to be the most significant aspect that is altered by this type of ” surveillance” Does this mean every time you sign into your favorite social media site your privacy is gone? Facebook has become notorious for allowing your personal information to be sent all over the site from a simple post that now incorporates your pinpoint location or where you are writing from to allow other users to have an up to date location on you. For some that is brilliant! For others that is simply too much of their personal being leaked to the public.  ” Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance ” talks about how any bit of information posted significant or not can not be accessed by anyone who has use of a computer, smartphone or tablet that is connect to the internet.  Saying “happy birthday” to a friend or ” I love you” to a family member  can be seen by an individual in Kuala Lampur or in Russia.

In todays world of technology surveillance has become so important and so intertwined in our society people do not even realize it. With every country depending on technology and the rapid advancements of it, how much longer until the term privacy will become obsolete ? How much longer until every laptop webcam can be remotely accessed making every computer accessible to every individual? Society feeds off scandals and intrusion of celebrities, but with extraordinary advances in surveillance, how long until its every day citizens who are being stalked and harassed ?

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robert Brandt, I am a 4th Sport Management major at Brock University who is looking to get into the player representation side of sport. I am your typical sports junkie, read countless articles online or in print about various news and transactions in every sport. To go along with that you can include fantasy pools for each of the big four (hockey, baseball, football and basketball). Besides sports, I am a HUGEEE animal lover owning 1 cat and 1 dog who I love equally hahaha!. Born and raised in Toronto which by default makes me a Leaf but do not hold that against me!

I decided to take Pop Culture 2F00  because I do not know much about the media industry and with sports and business being linked to social media and other sources of media I though it would be very beneficial to take this course. Learning how media industry has evolved over the many years and how it has changed the world literally as not very many people can say they do not own a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.  I typically use my various handles of social media daily between switching between Facebook for personal news etc an Twitter for sports and other related news. Television by default is also a big part of my life as watching sports in todays technology world is almost as good as paying for a $150 ticket and being at the game. However, getting into my later years in University where multiple jobs and extra homework has accumulated watching sports has become less of major role in my life.

Sports and the media have always been linked since the first broadcasted sporting event to the world famous Super Bowl, Sports and Media will always be linked. However, with avenues such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram fans can interact more than ever with their favourite athletes and discover a side to them they would otherwise not be able to without these social media handles. Twitter also allows leading sport reporters and columnists report breaking news quicker to fans than other channels such as going through the league website which could takes hours to process.

I believe Media has been a tremendous gift to society especially in the last decade. With so many people being employed by various Media outlets from Sports, Politics, Health to Education the effect of the down economy is being felt less and less. Five years ago being able to connect with an athlete thousands of kilometers away would be considered unheard of, but today it has become a daily routine, with some athletes like Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots having contests with his Twitter followers to help raise funds for various charities. Proving that not only are fans and athletes winning, those who are in desperate need as well are getting the much needed attention they deserve.

Thanks for reading,

Robert Brandt

Go Patriots & Red Sox!

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